Sunday, July 17, 2011

One Day, Fun Day.

Nothing as dull as a dark overcast monsoon sky.

Dark and Dangerous

Darker and Threatening

During the break in the rains i was out in the evening by the lake side. These lawns are normally full of children playing.

There is never a free place on this bench any evening usually. This a favorite spot for students,parents,visiting grandparents,walking ladies etc.

There is always something encouraging at the end of a dull day. I reached home to see my mom preparing veggies for a pasta dish.

I just realized i had the colors of the Indian flag.

 Life is more fun and sizzling when we are all mixed up together..........

Something sorely needed to be understood in these difficult times in Mumbai.


  1. Marvelous captures and your moody monsoon skies look just ours in Seattle!! I would love to enjoy some of your Mom's delicious looking dinner!! I continue to hold good thoughts for all of you during these difficult times in Mumbai! Have a lovely evening!


  2. wonderfully thoughtful images!