Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Flower of the Creator - Part 2

This is the one of the pleasures of the monsoon is the number of invitations i get from friends to come and view this flower blooming in various gardens and balconies.

 This is the season for blooming of the Brahma Kamal also know as Saussurea Obvallata.

The flower named after Bramha, the God of creation, blooms for only one night in the year, during the monsoon season here. The bloom lasts just for a few hours. If one observes closely, the buds look like they originate from the leaves of the plant. The central white stamen is believed to represent Lord Krishna, and the reddish brown stalks surrounding the closed bud are supposed to represent the 100 Kauravas of the Mahabharata.

The thing that does NOT come across in this complicated description, is the enchanting perfume of the flower as you enter the balcony and bend nearer to click. I have just found out that the leaf of that plant takes root when planted in the soil.

I am planning to acquire my own plant. Some say it brings luck....

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! I have always been enchanted by the bramhakamal.
    we had one in our Mom's house and I remember staying up late to see it bloom that one night every year. Sadly mom had to give it away for some reason. :(