Friday, February 15, 2013

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Art.

Like last year, I visited the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival  this year too. Here are some interesting displays I clicked.
Taken on my Canon EOS 1100D camera.
 For more pictures of the Kala Ghoda Festival please check out my FB album

A skull in wood

This was a display labelled "Shoe in a Metro", made totally out of paper.  A bit of a play on a well known shoe shop called Metro shoes.

A simulation of plastic rain . Something we are destined to suffer from, if we go on throwing these bottles everywhere after quenching our thirst.  You needed to walk through this exhibit....

A giant fish, made entirely out of waste CD's.

I bet even the Vespa scooter designers could not have dreamed this up.  Converted to a bee.....

The famous Mumbai dabbawalla. Bringing you closer to your food. Actually vice versa.  

Another frightful skull made from all kinds of e-waste, produced in Mumbai in large quantities.

A massive pair of glasses, to make you see life more clearly.  And sometimes, some other lenses block your vision.  Displaying Bollywood faces.  What Mumbai is sometimes about...

A decorated mirror with a message, on a special bicycle display....

Some more recycled art

Rajasthani artists singing for the puppet show  in progress

A typical dabbwalla lunchbox with handle etc, made entirely out of cans.

A tableaux depicting a burning problem in society : Female Infanticide

Food !

The many colors of Ganpati

With the prayers inscribed

Mobiles  made and marketed by NGO's

Artists doing portraits outside the Jehangir Art Gallery. Displayed  on the sidewalk fence.