Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Glorious Green.

The green of the land was as enchanting as the grey of the sea.... Further pictures from our Konkan road trip.

A view of the Konkan Railway that passes through very difficult terrain. The first major railway project after the British left. This is a view on the Pen - Mangaon stretch.

A View of Velneshwar village from the MTDC holiday home on the hill near the beach.

A typical road leading to the village, Nevre.

My paternal ancestors came from Nevre.....

En route to Ratnagiri on the newly opened coastal highway. The coconut and rice landscape between Nevre and where we were, on the hill. 

Is it true for people or houses?

Some old, simple and native....Some prosperous, modern and new....

(visiting the village from where my mother's ancestors came)

A typical view from the mountain roads in Konkan.....The undulating green Konkan landscape and a river sneaking by....

Please shut off the music in this blog by scrolling down the side bar and then watch the video. Konkan in all its monsoon glory.......


  1. What an incredibly beautiful place! And your superb photos capture the beauty perfectly! Thanks for the tour! Hope you have a wonderful week!


  2. love the lush greenery everywhere!
    beautiful images!!