Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kokan Monsoon 2010.

Road Trip to Kokan during the monsoon of 2010. All these pictures are taken at various beaches of Guhaghar, Velineshwar and  Ganapatipule. The sea looks different during the monsoon and these are not taken in B/W. This is how the sky and ocean actually looked. With a roaring wind.........

Driving on hilly terrain above the coastline. A view of the native village at Velineshwar.

Ganapatipule beach wave games......

The mountains along Kokan coastline have thousands of these waterfalls.

Please shut off the music on this blog (scroll to the bottom of side bar) and click below to hear the Kokan waves.

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  1. तू काढलेले फोटो फार सुंदर आहेत. पोस्ट ईट ऑन