Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monsoon & More....

The southwest monsoon, arrived earlier than expected this year, and almost immediately there was a quiet change of color in the environment. 

These photos have been clicked exclusively on the campus where I live.

A typical road on our campus, with the trademark GulMohur trees lining the sides.

A closeup of a wet leaf of the Bramhakamal plant, currently growing in my balcony.

One more closeup  of some more willful leaves of the Bramhakamal plant

This is what you get when your window overlooks an entire canopy of green, and you click from inside , with the window closed during a particularly strong shower...

At the western edge of our campus, at the promontory, just outside the garden...

Refreshed after the first big rainfall.  This fluorescence that I clicked at the top of an old tree  which is almost 5 storeys high itself, and probably predates our campus.

Once again, drops sliding and falling off into oblivion, from the window grill bars of my house.

The brilliance of the Gulmohur bloom

New rains, new life ...

Standing tall amidst the green: a natural Qutub Minar

My faithful bicycle, being admired by some clouds

Sunset skirmishes in the sky

This is not, someone with wet hair , looking at the lake.  But an old tree, laden with these "swinging" roots, enjoying a lakeside evening, just before the clouds discharge in torrents.... 


  1. Love all of them and especially the Black and white picture and the one of the cycle. They are simply awesome! And the rain drop covered window.