Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sunday at the Gateway

A Sunday evening in May 2013 spent at the  Gateway of India,  in the Mumbai Harbour.  Stately old buildings, the Iconic Taj Mahal Palace and Towers Hotel, and the millions of Mumbai, who visit this area and go back with so many memories.

There is history, there is "current events", there is the sea dashing against the rocks, and the thousands who come, some to visit, some to gape, some to play, some to eat, some to earn a living, and some , like me, to click.....

The Cathedral of the Holy Name , in the Vicinity of The Gateway Of India, Mumbai.

Hope the Lord is listening to the prayers and pleas of the devotees....

The Gateway of India as it was possibly seen  in a side view, by various British royalty who arrived by sea, in the pre Independence days. It was built to commemorate the visit of King George the Vth and Queen Mary to India, in 1911. 

Today, the concourse of the Gateway, is a haven for tourists, children, vendors of touristy trinkets, and photographers who guarantee you a  keepsake photo in 10 minutes.   Some pigeons also visit, thanks to the abundance of bird food strewn around by those, who think, that like royalty, the pigeons too, must be welcomed.

With that load of balloons, he still has time to feed the pigeons. 

 Doesn't matter if you are not royalty ; the gateway is also for flag bearers who rush around in half pants  having the time of their lives.

Then there are those vendors selling soap bubble stuff at the Gateway. I bought some too, and couldn't resist clicking this .....

  And this .  Sunday evening multitudes at the Gateway of India....

The newer Towers section of the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers.  Back in its imposing avatar after the ghastly terrorist happenings of Nov 26, 2008.  The Taj faces the sea , and this is the concourse between the Gateway and the Taj. 

The actual Gateway of India viewed from Land... amidst the Sunday crowds.

The amazing structure and latticework.  The architect George Wittet designed it using a combination of Hindu and Muslim styles.  The arch is Muslim in style, while the decorations are Hindu.  Built from yellow basalt and concrete. The stone was locally sourced, while the perforated screens were brought from Gwalior .

The central dome is 48 feet (15 metres) in diameter and 83 feet (25 metres) above the ground at its highest point.

The original Taj Mahal Palace Hotel to the left, with the Towers section on the right.

The spectacular Taj Mahal Palace hotel as seen  from the Gateway of India,  approaching sunset, on a Sunday evening.  The visible frontage suffered the maximum damage in the terrorist attacks of Nov 26, 2008.  The Hotel now houses a memorial to those who lay down their lives in the course of doing their duty on that day.