Sunday, May 20, 2012

Paradise Found!

I live on the banks of the Powai Lake. Recently visited the boathouse which was earlier in the wilderness but now has a interesting approach road studded with beauties of nature. Slowly winding down the road to watch a great sunset through the oar-rings of the boat is a great end to the walk.

All photos have been clicked on my Canon EOS 1100D camera.

         The offshoot from the main road circling the lake. Recently constructed.

                                         Some interesting berries in the jungle.

                                                  Mushroom sculptures in paradise.

                                                     Vignettes of a grand sunset.

Beauty and the hyacinth beast clogging the Powai lake.

Dragonfly doing research.

Rusty and trusty oar handles of the anchored boat.

Coming soon The sunset i clicked later from the same spot.


  1. Hi Pankaja This is really really a nice blog, are you taking all these photograph by your self ?....... are you a Professional photographer ....... Amazing Photozzz :)
    (Plz. visit my blog and guide me if found interesting : at :

    1. Thank u so much :)... Yes all the photos have been taken by me and i m a self taught photographer.... i cant say i m a professional photographer as i m still learning :)....

  2. Beautiful!!! Its been years since I have been there... it looks so much nicer now.. esp thru your lens!!

  3. wonderful photographs !

  4. Stunning! You're getting better and better, Pankaja. I'm hoping to meet you again, soon.

    1. Thank u..:) Yes will be meeting in a week:)...

  5. its amazing !! the way to take pics is just breath taking....B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L. !! i still cant believe you are a self taught photographer!! Great work ! keep it up ;)

  6. I loved all the pictures, esp. the dragon fly looks very clear. Mushroom sculpture also looks interesting!