Sunday, May 27, 2012

Over The Hill & Far Away......

We have a hill and a lake inside the IIT Campus. IITians and Campusite's frequently visit the hill for trekking, picnics etc. I recently climbed it one evening with my camera.

Different kind of developments have taken place on the different sides of the hill, ranging from luxury highrises to slums. Mumbai's water supply line snakes past the hill detouring around the main green area left here which is our campus.

Taken on my Canon EOS 1100D camera.
Looking southwards from the hill. Beyond the hill in the distance is the airport runway.

Powai Lake to the left, Vihar Lake to the right and Mumbai's water pipeline snaking round the base of the hill.

Our campus in the foreground and the Powai Lake with recent construction on its banks.

Chain link fences on the hill to declare ownership but you can still look and live through the gaps.

Looking north-east of the hill, random development and the Thane creek in the distance.

Is this possibly what the future is going to be?


  1. i liked the perspective of the slum through the wires...

  2. Nice photos. The last one is very beautiful!

  3. A very different way of looking at Powai!!! I like the distance that the wires put before you the viewer and thereby us and the slums--Us and Them :(