Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tough & Standing.

My maternal grandfather(Appa)'s ancestors came from a village in Kokan, much inland from the coast.  History is available, for  7 generations before my grandfather. 

We travelled to this place to pay our respects .

The house is situated away from  the road, sloping down into the rice fields below. Surrounded on three sides by wide green rice fields, and coconut and mango groves  in the distance, the house stands facing it all.  5 generations lived there. And the last 2 generations  moved to the big cities of Mumbai and Pune.  

Facing the rice fields, is the samadhi (memorial)  of the  person who is considered the  original ancestor, and everyday, a lamp is lit in an alcove at the memorial.

Something tough and resilient about the structure, that has seen ups and downs, good days, bad days, bad weather, torrential rains, , and possibly, hundreds of years before,  a full running house; there is even a lock hanging  above one of the doors.

Today,  it stands, watching it all,  completely overrun by the  greens....

(The above has been written for me by my mother.She had visited it,  first 52 years ago with my grandparents ,  and now with me,  and was able to explain the history to me)

Taken on Canon A530 point & shoot camera....


  1. The place is full of history! You have got the details of 7 generations? Great!

    The door's lock reminded me of my grandmother's place. Their locking system was unique.

    The house must have had tiled roof. Interesting pictures, Pankaja!

  2. I liked the lock which remains intact even when the door is invaded with such progressive greenery...And the window which opened it's doors to the nature's forces...The lamp in the alcove covered with moss...Must have been a great experience being there.

  3. greeny and adorable place !
    wish i could live here :) :)

  4. Superb shots! The green seems so vibrant!