Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Morning Celebration.

Today 26th January, 2012. The country celebrates the Republic Day. 

Where I live, it is celebrated at the Gymkhana Grounds with march pasts by security personnel, senior cadets, school children and small kids, the latter making a sincere effort as the band plays. Awards are presented, the flag is hoisted by the head of the institution. 

Our gymkhana grounds are next to some hills.
An unusual feature of our Republic Day is the simultaneous flag hoisting done on the hill top by students as the flag goes up at the gymkhana grounds followed by the national anthem.

For very small children it's a morning with balloons and playing on the grounds while others listen to speeches.

 Some others too, seriously contemplate the proceedings.

 Great choice of seat for a better view of the parade.

 Some serious athletes playing on the basketball field trying to send the balloon up through the hoop. Who says it must go only down through the hoop !!

 The flag hoisted on the hill top.


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