Monday, February 20, 2012


It was election season in Mumbai recently.

 And I am sure the ducks housed in our guest house premises by the lakeside and pondside, were, as they say, "seized" of the matter.

 One kept hearing about election commissioners, codes of conduct, candidates following it, some defying it, and so on. 

It even affected the ducks.

 Clicked on my Canon EOS 1100D

As commissioner, I must remain alert at all times. Never know what these ducks
are up to.

   A quickly organized cleanup by the candidates, before the TV people come. Earlier we scratched each others backs.  Now it's difficult to reach our own ....

          We always, but always, Follow Our  Leader....

Of course there are same money minded unscrupulous types, who fly the coop to other parties...

And then some really nice, quiet, obedient ones, who quietly sit and wait for an opportunity to shine

Of course, even there, there are some restless types who gossip among themselves  right under someone else's nose.......

     And finally, an observer-duck ! This guy takes rounds around all the voting booths to ensure there is no hanky panky happening.   Amidst all the qualified candidates, sometimes, you end up  hearing a loud quack !

Captions by Suranga Date 


  1. These ducks are any day better than the election candidates! :)

  2. Loved the captions too! Great job, Pankaja!

  3. Nice story, Pankaja! Gossiping ducks was the best photo and caption, I feel!

  4. Really cool!! Great Work!! :) :)