Monday, November 14, 2011

Creeping Night.

Mumbai is having a non existent winter but sunset is still early. There is a huge lake where we stay. In the last few years there has been lot of construction all around the lake. On our side of the lake we have simple, ordinary multistorey buildings which nobody photographs...:-)

Because we have such a fancy skyline on the other side...

I went close to sunset with a tripod n within 15 minutes it got dark as u can see below.

Taken on Canon PowerShot A480 point & shoot camera with tripod......
        Started clicking at 6:15 pm.... 


  1. What superb captures,Pankaja! The sunset is awesome as well as the night shots! Really stunning and so dramatic! You've done exceedingly well with your new tripod!! Congratulations!


  2. Wow. They look stunning. Brilliant!

  3. splendid shots, pankaja! very very impressive work for a point and shoot! thanks for sharing :)