Saturday, October 8, 2011

Encounter with a Moth.

I was reading something n noticed some fluttering around me... Then it stopped and I noticed a Moth trying to find its feet on the carpet.... Looked like it was injured so I gently lifted it n used the other hand to click it.... What resulted are the photographs below...

     What did moths bump into before the electric light bulb was invented? Don't know about the bulb but it certainly bumped into me.....

    Looks like a butterfly with peacock feather design on the wings.... Moth who had a makeover.

      Leave me alone!! Whats all this fuss about???

    Close up of the eye.... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder n that's me!!

Did I just hear you call me a Butterfly??? U think I m page 3?


  1. I have seen butterflies very closely, not the small moths! Clear pictures, Pankaja! They too look beautiful like butterflies!

    I see lots of butterflies in our garden...some 10 - 15, sometimes in groups and they chase each other. It is fun to watch. They touch my face/bump into my face too, if I stand in their way!

  2. Fantastic photos and I do love your captions! What a fun smiles for the day! Hope your weekend is off to a great start, Pankaja! Enjoy!


  3. :) :)