Thursday, September 29, 2011


Rummaging in my trinket box.... There was such a variety to photograph....

                             Snake necklace.... It even feels cold to the touch when worn!

       Traditional Maharashtrian nose ring ('Nath').... You don't have to get your nose pierced to wear this.....

     A rose carved in coral, forms a pendant for a almost 90 year old coral necklace presented to me by a 
     96 years old special lady......

                                                Kundan earrings....

    Perhaps time's definition of coal is the diamond..... These are not real diamonds but i like to think that they

                        The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens.
                                                                                              ~ Author Unknown.


  1. We have a nose ring like that at my place, bought for a school function for my daughter. This one's not gold or pearls though.

    Love the rose carved out of coral and the caption beneath it :)

  2. Beautiful pictures... love the close, close ups.

  3. I love the close ups, too! Beautiful captures! The coral rose is lovely and a great caption as well!


  4. Wow all the pieces are sooooooo beautiful,specially that rose pendant.