Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Field Trip (Part 4)

We left the village of Aghane for another village called Ahupe. These are 2 of the 56 villages in Ambegaon Tahsil. Ahupe is a tiny village in the Mahadev Koli tribal area of Pune district. We were traveling to visit the "sacred groves" of this area. These are patches of forest protected by local tribal's in the name of a deity that presides over the grove. There are places u may walk through n places u may not step on.Ten young villagers have started documenting the bio diversity of there grove. There are 2808 sacred groves in Maharashtra. They are called Devrai....

                                      A view of the sacred grove in Ahupe in the foggy morning....

        This was a place we couldn't step into because of the special plants growing there. And we were warned about this.

                  The grand plateau in the highest region of Ahupe ghat smothered in monsoon clouds.

                                               Another view of the plateau and the steep fall..

                                           The beginnings of waterfalls visible as we travel away.

                                     A solitary house on the rocky plateau in the Ahupe ghat.

                                     Another panorama view of the valley from the Ahupe ghat.

                     These black rocks yield limestone pieces. Seen here are members of our group.

Breaking the rocks in the previous photo gave us rock like these.These are limestone rocks and it would be interesting to find out why these are found here.

Thank you for visiting. This completes the four part reporting on our Field Trip.


  1. Thanks for the picture series, Pankaja! We enjoyed visiting Ahupe with you!

    Each and every picture is beautiful. We read about Meghalaya's Sacred Grove, just a couple of weeks back. Kavita Saharia had visited the place and did a post with lots of beautiful pictures. I haven't heard about the 'Sacred Groves' until now! 2808 groves in Maharashtra itself? Great.

    It is good to know that some people are giving importance to rare plants/trees. First, sixth and eighth pictures are best. The light peeping out at the background of the hill, is beautiful(8th picture)!

  2. Marvelous post and fantastic captures, Pankaja! What a great visit! I love the "other world" look of the foggy ones! Hope your week is going well! Enjoy!


  3. Waah! Phaar chaan aahet photo....
    Especially "Solitary House On A Rocky Plateau"

  4. Aunt Sylvia Thank you....

    Aunt Sandhya Thank you and welcome once again to my blog.....


  5. Beautiful photos - you are very talented. I would love to see them in a much larger size - they would look beautiful framed on a wall. Oh and by the way you have a gorgeous smile (looking at your profile pic). Say hi to your wonderful mother. I am a fan of hers too!